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- Going home to Ireland for the summer holidays (can’t wait)

JULY 2019

- Enterprise Rental Car, 3 crazy period spots with Bell, Revere, and some prairie wagons

Director Matt Pitroff & EP Steve Blair, Producer Nathan Haener, DP Andy Lilien


- THD Bathrooms & Varathane Stains, Before/Doing/After 3 sets on stage, and 3 Rocking Horses

Director Fergus Stothart, Producer Craig Repass, and DP Bianca Cline

- Tottenham Hotspur lost to Liverpool in the Champions League Final (brilliant to go that far)

APRIL 2019

- watched loads of football, did loads of bids, Philip & Charlies Birthday

MARCH 2019

- Shiner Bock Beer, a cabin in the woods, and a big hunk of brisket 

Director/DP Fergus Stothart, Producer Rachael North

-Tottenham Hotspur finally opened their new stadium, beat Palace 2-0


- THD Flooring & Appliances, shot in Atlanta  (after the super bowl)

with the Maestro Fergus Stothart, ‘The’ Producer Rachel North, and trickster DP Larry Fong

lots of carpet, lots of mess, lots of great people. Always a challenge.

- Another Round Table Pizza with Director Matt Pittroff, Producer Nathan Haener, 

and the great DP Andy Lilien, 4 days on a stage, 3 sets and food, lots of fun.


- Collaborated with DP Boris Gortinski on his ‘mountain' of a project

- Autozone with Director Fergus Stothart, Producer Rob Sexton, 

Fergus shot it too

- New Year Roadtrip … Vegas, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon


- Finishing up a Larry King thing with Producer Jeremy Alter …. 

even though we all prayed, the Dodgers still lost the world series


- Went to Serbia for brother Johns Wedding, then to Croatia for a rest. 

Picked the kid up in New York on the way home.


- Toyota with Director Sebastien Grousset, Producer David Chipon

- Comcast with Director Ben West, 

Prod. Gretchen Siss, DP Charlotte Bruus Christensen at Framestore, 

a mad one with spanish galleons, mars, and a tree on a hill

- Ruby Tuesday #6 Director Fred Goss & Producer Rebecca Brown

- Carfax with Director Ben West, & Producer Mona Nigro at Framestore

- Spurs beat Man United 3-0 at old Trafford


- Nearly did a Movie …. sorry Shane

- Ruby Tuesday #5 Director Fred Goss & Producer Rebecca Brown


- THD Summer Campaign,  star Director Fergus Stothart, 

Producer Rob Sexton, & DP Larry Fong 

large tiled bathrooms on stage, a whole street of makeovers, 

and covering an entire house with ceramic floor tile


- Ruby Tuesday #4 Director Fred Goss & Producer Rebecca Brown

- Philip & Charlie's BDAY Party


- Mountain Dew with Director McG, 

Producer Ben Dossett, & DP Shane Hurlbut in Utah and Big Bear

- Caitie turned 5


- RoundTable Pizza with Director Matt Pittroff, 

Producer Nathan Haener, & DP Andy Lilien 

- Ruby Tuesday #3  Director Fred Goss & Producer Rebecca Brown


- THD Spring Campaign, with Director Fergus Stothart, 

Producer Rob Sexton, & DP Danny Hiele

fun 2 months back in Tampa Florida, stayed at the Vinoy again.

- Christmas in Pioneer Town, Joshua Tree, & Vegas

© Philip Duffin 2019